Peer Support

Peer support programs help to prevent or reduce the symptoms of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders by up to 50%

Behavioural Activation, a common therapeutic intervention used to treat depression, is the basis of peer-support programs. The basic premise is when people get depressed, they may disengage from their routines and withdraw from their environment, losing opportunities for positive reinforcement through pleasant experiences, social activity, or experiences of mastery. Over time, this serves to exacerbate depression.


The good news is taking part in opportunities for ongoing social interaction and sustained peer support can reduce or outright prevent mood disorders by up to 50%. As a bonus, participants often form lasting peer relationships with others who share lived experience. That’s the need Life With A Baby serves with its offerings. Local social events to encourage face-to-face interaction, online support forums, and multilingual parenting programs are vital for those facing social isolation, loneliness, PMADs, and the sometimes overwhelming tide of new parenthood.


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